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New Style Wired Game Joystick For Xbox one console

A picture of the New Style Wired Game Joystick For Xbox one console

GameSir X2: Mobile Gamepad for Cloud Gaming


GameSir X2 Mobile Gamepad: Experience a Lag-free gaming with dual joysticks, smart design, and a screenshot button. Elevate your play with precision control.

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The GameSir X2 Mobile Gamepad: Born for E-Sports

This is the GameSir X2 Mobile Gamepad – the ultimate weapon in the world of e-sports. In this fast-paced gaming universe, time is literally money, and the GameSir X2 ensures you stay ahead of the game.

Imagine this: you’re in the heat of battle, every second counts, and the last thing you need is a laggy connection. That’s where the mobile gamepad’s wired connection swoops in like a superhero. It cuts down the time it takes for your commands to reach your phone, making it a true plug-and-play experience. No delays, just pure control – giving you the upper hand without giving your opponent a chance.

Now, let’s dive into the cool features that make the GameSir X2 a game-changer for your gaming experience:

A. We’ve decked out the X2 with two pro-level joysticks that’ll have you gaming like a boss. They’re as good as the controllers the pros use – no kidding.

B. Ever worry about your phone heating up during those intense gaming sessions? Fear not! We’ve got a little space between your phone and the X2 for some air to circulate. Say goodbye to overheating issues and hello to longer gaming sessions.

C. Capture those epic gaming moments with the X2’s screenshot button. With just one click, you can immortalize your victories, hilarious fails, and everything in between. It’s like having a personal photographer for your gaming journey.

So, there you have it – the GameSir X2, born to elevate your e-sports experience. Get ready to level up, dominate the game, and create unforgettable gaming memories. Game on!


Product information:

Commodity type: new

Game console accessories type: game console handle

Interface type: USB

Vibration mode: no vibration

Applicable products: Android phones

Material: ABS

Product size: 13.4*11.3*3.3cm

Packing list:

Gamepad X1

The GameSir X2: Mobile Gamepad

Additional information

Weight0.40 kg
Dimensions130 × 110 × 40 cm

Bluetooth version, Cross key version, Cross key version Add finger c


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